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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Game: Reshoot R released
Press release: Bombs away for Reshoot R - Modern action for the retro platform Amiga

PŘrge/▄bersee, May 28th, 2019: The development studio spieleschreiber and the publisher APC&TCP today announce the availability of the retro action game Reshoot R.

After almost three years of development, Reshoot R finally lights up its laser cannons - as you'd expect, for original Amiga hardware. The horizontal scrolling shoot'em up, in the style of classics like "R-Type", throws the player into an exciting space battle. In five elaborately designed themed worlds, fighter pilots fight side-by-side with the courageous space heroine Aryn against the attacks of the evil Tars species.

The action remains faithful to arcade traditions to combine elaborate high-end visuals with high-speed, demanding challenges. Fast gameplay, breathless dynamics, and exciting tension peaks characterise the fight between the heroine and the ballet of attack waves. Extra weapons and power-ups support her in her fight for survival. If your battle is fought successfully, eternal glory awaits you in the automatically saved highscore list. In addition, there is a premiere for Amiga action games: Those pilots can enter their performance on an internet ranking website and so they can compare their skills against those of other gamers.

Reshoot R is initially available as three seperate releases: Download Edition, Pure Edition and Signature Edition. The Pure Edition includes the game on CD-ROM and a printed manual. The Signature Edition has the game on CD-ROM, with a printed manual including a making-of special and the soundtrack on a separate audio CD. The audio CD soundtrack is also available separately.

All Amiga products are now available in the online shop of APC&TCP. Any specialist dealers who want to offer Reshoot R directly to their customers may contact APC&TCP by e-mail for details.

About Reshoot R:
Reshoot R is a 2D horizontal shoot'em up in the style of those great arcade classics Silkworm, R-Type and Gradius.

  • Developed and programmed by industry veteran Richard L÷wenstein
  • Plays to the performance capabilities of the Amiga CD│▓, 1200 and 4000
  • Five themed arenas in elaborately designed retro design
  • Exciting attack waves and boss fights
  • Extra weapons and power-ups
  • Multi-level scrolling, up to 100 objects on screen
  • 50 Hertz refresh rate ensures constant high-speed
  • More than 400 colours on screen
  • Thrilling soundtrack and SFX play simultaneously
  • Locally stored highscore list and additional internet ranking option
  • Runs on standard hardware of the A1200, A4000 and CD│▓, no add-ons required
  • Tested on Amiga systems with 68020, 68030, 68040 and 68060 CPUs
System requirements:
  • Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 or Amiga CD│▓
  • Joystick or CD32 compatible controlpad
  • 2 MB chip memory, more memory supported
  • Runs on compatible Amiga emulators on Windows, Mac and Linux
More information is available at the title link.

About spieleschreiber:
spieleschreiber is a development studio specialising in retro computer games. The founder and core of the team from PŘrge in Upper Bavaria is games journalist Richard L÷wenstein. Richard L÷wenstein successfully developed computer games in the 1980s and wrote articles for the trade magazines Happy Computer, 64er and Amiga Joker.

Reshoot R was in development for three years and was developed in co-operation with the entire retro community. Design, coding, production: Richard L÷wenstein. Graphics: Kevin Saunders. Music and sound effects: Martin Ahman.

About APC&TCP:
APC&TCP has been active as a publisher for Amiga products for over 25 years. From APC&TCP come products like Amiga Future, Amiga Family, Flyin High, Marblelous, Pinball Brain Damage, CygnusED, Roadshow and much more. APC&TCP has tried for many years not only to publish high-end Amiga games like Reshoot R but also smaller projects like Trap Runner. APC&TCP is always looking out for interesting Amiga projects to publish. (snx)

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