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Book: Getting Started with Warp3D Nova
Originally published on his blog, on the advice of a programmer Hans de Ruiter has reworked and extended his lessons about his 3D system "Warp 3D Nova" and published it as book on Amazon. A print version for 26 Euro as well as an eBook for 5 Euro are available.

"Getting started with..." provides the following chapters:
  • Tutorial 1: Create a window
  • Tutorial 2: Hello triangle - draw something
  • Tutorial 3: A splash of algorithmic colour - procedural texture mapping
  • Tutorial 4: Colour another way - per-vertex colour
  • Tutorial 5: 3D at last - draw a cube
  • Tutorial 6: 3D lighting - add lighting to the scene
  • Tutorial 7: Animation - making objects move
  • Tutorial 8: Adding texture - texture-mapping
  • Tutorial 9: Normal mapping - extra realism with surface bumps and features
  • Warp3D Nova gotchas - easy mistakes and how to avoid them
  • GLSL shader debugging - tools and tips
  • Where to go from here - next steps in your graphics programming journey
Hint of the editors: The eBook is a Kindle edition thus first has to be converted (inclusive removing the DRM protection) for using with other devices. Otherwise you can access it with the latest Amazon app. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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