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Thomas Wenzel (ANF)

Audio player: AmigaAMP 3.24
Thomas Wenzel wrote: This revision has undergone major internal restructuring to make maintenance easier. I've fixed a lot of small old bugs along the way but I can't guarantee that I haven't introduced new ones. However, extensive beta testing has been done to verify the integrity and stability of this new release.

The 68k version now inofficially supports OS3.1. If you don't have ClassAct installed you can only use it in skinned mode without the file info window. The preferences tool won't work either. Installing ClassAct v3.3 will enable both the 'ReAction' functionality of AmigaAMP itself as well as the preferences tool. Some GUI elements don't work yet in this configuration. I will fix that in a later release. Have fun!

Most important changes:
  • Completely reworked shoutcast streaming code
  • Fixed handling of empty ID3v2 comment fields
  • Fixed drawing of skinned equalizer "AUTO" gadget. But it doesn't do anything. :-)
  • Localized some more strings
  • Fixed older OS4 version compatibility
  • Fixed buffer overflow in MPEG reading routine
  • Fixed redrawing current time display when changing skins
  • Fixed background fill in playlist time display for spaces
  • Refined ID3v2 tag reading and added ID3v2.2 support
  • Fixed updating changed config file
  • Changed layout of info window, added more fields
  • ESC key now also closes the info and the prefs window
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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