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Aminet-Uploads until 03.08.2019
The following archives have been added to Aminet until August 3rd, 2019:
sc-mos.lha               biz/spread 779K  MOS Port of the SC spreadsheet fo...
AmiSpeedTest.lha         comm/net   28K   68k Network speed test utility
PDCurses.lha             dev/lib    1.0M  MOS PDCurses for SDL
F1GP2019Carset.lha       game/data  24K       2019 Carset for F1GP
MCE.lha                  game/edit  2.6M  68k Multi-game Character Editor
MCE-MOS.lha              game/edit  2.8M  MOS Multi-game Character Editor
MCE-OS4.lha              game/edit  3.0M  OS4 Multi-game Character Editor
Runaway.lha              game/wb    9.2M  MOS LCD game conversion
Runaway_WOS.lha          game/wb    2.5M  WOS LCD game conversion
webptools103_a68k.lha    gfx/conv   4.6M  68k encode/decode images in WebP ...
RNOTags.lha              mus/misc   2.1M  MOS ID3 tag editor for MP3 files
NoCapsLock.lha           util/cdity 46K   MOS MorphOS no caps lock
WebRadio_sbar.lha        util/wb    83K   MOS A sbar plugin to listen to We...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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