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Amiga Future (Webseite)

Distribution for AmigaOS 3.9: AfA One 1.0
First the distribution AROS One for 68k and x86 was available. Now an Amiga distribution was released which is based on AfA 4.8 adding some AROS components to AmigaOS. An existing AmigaOS-3.9 installation with the inofficial BoingBag 4.

If you use a real Amiga a 68060 processor is required, under WinUAE the emulation of a 68020/030/040 with 256 MB Zorro-III-RAM. At least 2 GB harddrive memory is required as well.

After the installation of AmigaOS 3.9, all content of SYS:WBStartup as well as the directory SYS:Utilities/Amplifer have to be deleted. Then all harddrive is overwritten or completed with the image "AfA One.hdf". For WinUAE users a configuration file is included. The name of the Kickstart-3.1 file has to be "KickStart31".

Download sites:
AfA-One-Archiv (716 MB))
AfA-One-Video (snx) (Translation: dr)

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