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Preview to AmigaOS 3.2
In July AmigaOS was released. Under the title link now Thomas 'ThoR' Richter is giving a preview to the forthcoming AmigaOS 3.2.

First he has published a picture (only visible for registered users) of the Workbench which shows features that have been already implemented and which the readers should find. If a new feature was found by a reader it is either confirmed, or not.
  • GadTools now are font sensitive which is used by the new preferences editor and other system tools.
  • Regarding the print setting now the name of the output device can be specified instead of choosing the parallel or serial interface.
  • The name of the title line can be changed.
  • Windows can be iconified.
  • The Shell remebers commands which have been already entered. You can also search through these commands.
  • The Shell offers an input assistance.
  • There is a new, minimal AUX-Handler which enables tab expansion to also work over the serial line.
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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