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Web browser: NetSurf 3.10dev (SDL version), update 2
Artur Jarosik has released an update of his Amiga port of the web browser NetSurf. His port uses - in contrary to Chris Young's native, Reaction-based version - SDL. Only the preferences pane is MUI-based.

  • Updated to newest sources
  • Integrated AmiSSL 4.3 for https support. Note: make sure you have current time and local region set on your WB
  • Enabled very basic JavaScript support (default is off)
This new version is available through auto update feature.

Update: (13.09.2019, 07:30, dr)

Upon request author Artur Jarosik has informed that currently only the RTG version has been updated. The AGA version will be soon available as well.

Update: (15.09.2019, 07:15, dr)

Today Artur Jarosik has uploaded the full archive - including the AGA version.

Direct download: NetSurf-m68k-3.10dev.lha (8,5 MB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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