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04.Oct.2019 (Forum)

Open source project: The world's smallest 68k FPGA turbo board
Under the title link in the forum of the world's smallest 68k FPGA turbo board was introduced - it is "just about 5mm taller than an original 68k in its socket." For the accelerator board the TG68 core is used @50MHz which was also used for the MiST project.

Key features:
  • Artix7-FPGA (215k Logic-Cells)
  • 64 MB SD-RAM (32-Bit-Bus)
  • 16 MB Flash-ROM
  • Micro-SD-Card-Slot
Currently the FPGA accelerator board still is in development. The primary objective is an improved stability. At this stage the bus width of the RAM connection only is 16 Bit, but is supposed to be doubled. Then the support for the SD card, for the SPI bus and for the KickFlash will be done and finally also a MMU. The source code of the FPGA turbo board is supposed to be released. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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