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Indie Retro News

Remake of Sierra's "Gold Rush" (1989) can be preordered
After "Cinemaware Retro", obviously Sunlight Games also is planning to remake and sell retro games. It will be started with Sierra's text adventure Gold Rush (1989) which will be released under Sunlight's new label "Retrotainment" and which currently can be preordered for 25 Euro in its webshop. Items in this Special Edition:
  • Game on 2 Disks for Amiga (Because of different types of disk-drives used in the Amiga, there may be problems reading the disks. Therefore, the CD contains the ADF-files to copy the content onto disks with a free tool.)
  • Disks with a printed color label
  • Printed manual
  • On CD: Book "California Gold" for copy protection, drawings, ADF game files
  • On DVD: PC-Remake "Gold Rush! Anniversary", playable on PC without Internet connection, DRM-free
  • A printed certificate including the serial-number of the limited Special Edition
  • A printed DIN A1 poster on a high-quality paper
  • A printed label of the game logo

Hint of the editorial: The screenshots in the webshop are slightly misleading: the bottom row of the screen was cut. There the text input line of Gold Rush is - the game uses Sierra's older AGI-engine which requires commands entered with the keyboard. Sunlight's "cut" version is supposed to suggest a more modern feeling than it really is. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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