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Amiga Future (Webseite)

Free Gotek clone: OpenFlops emulates classic disk drives
OpenFlops is a hardware-based floppy emulator, similar to the Gotek drives. In comparision to them, OpenFlops is available under a free licence and therefore can be built by everybody. As firmware the free FlashFloppy is used which originally should be also used for Gotek.

Improvements of OpenFlops compared to Gotek:
  • Can be installed on many different platforms
  • Directly supports a wide range of image formats
  • Flexible track layout for Raw Sector Images
  • Extremely configurable
  • Supports AutoSwap for games with a large number of disks
  • Easily accessible pin headers for connection of a i2c display (either OLED or LCD), rotary encoder (including power)
  • Built-in amplified speaker, or easily-accessible pin header for an external one
  • USB connector can either be soldered on the board or connected to a pin header
  • Connected Motor signal
  • Emulates two drives at the same time (Not yet supported by the firmware, but it will come)
  • Has additional 3.3V, 5V and GND power pins
  • And hey, it's Open Hardware!
According to the developer "all of this comes in the same form factor (and mounting holes) as the board installed in the original Gotek, hence it can be easily installed in any shell or enclosure designed for it." (cg) (Translation: dr)

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