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24.Apr.2020 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Web browser Odyssey 1.23 r5_beta06, update 1
Roman 'kas1e' Kargin is constantly working on beta versions of his AmigaOS 4 port of the web browser Odyssey. For the latest beta version 6 additionally there is a hotfix (ZIP, 20 MB), which fixes some of the potential causes of crashes of the included Cairo library and which has to be copied over the installation of the beta version.

Changes of the past releases of Odyssey:
  • Beta 6: MediaPlayer: fixed out-of-window issues when compositing effects disabled in prefs:gui, but compositing still available (c) Ami603.
  • Beta 6: MediaPlayer: fixed another bug found by ktadd when compositing being disabled in prefs:gui, while compositing still available: the content of composited video overlap other window's content (c) Hans De Ruiter
  • Beta 6: MediaPlayer: rewritten media player's AHI part to use AHI device API, instead of AHI library API: No exclusive locks of audio hardware from Odyssey anymore with any AHI settings! (c) Capehill
  • Beta 6: MediaPlayer: hack a bit backfill code, so when we in compositing video mode, and hit f11 to go to real fullscreen, then no left/right and bottom (when hit middle mouse button to hide player's GUI) borders visibly.
  • Beta 6: MediaPlayer: fixed a look of 'mute' item in media player's RMB menu, which now has on/off marker just like 'control' and 'loop' items. (c) Javier.
  • Beta 6: a bit better locale_cleanup (c) Javier
  • Beta 6: move an opening of asyncio.library to main.cpp same as other libraries, just to make things be cleaner (thanks to Javier for an idea)
  • Beta 6: one more user-agent for spoofing by request: iPhone OS 12.4
  • Beta 6: changed in prefs/media "webm (vp8)" on "webm (vp8, vp9)" as we can play both. updated as well, translators need to take care of.
  • Beta 6: add functionality to disable audio/video MP4 support in Preferences/Media (handy when one wants to save mp4 instead of playing in a browser) from 1.25 (c) Deadwood. Enabled by default the same as before. updated, translators need to take care of.
  • Beta 5: fixed memory leak in ac_free_video_decoder done by Piru on "acinerella" (FFmpeg wrapper simplifying work with FFmpeg:
  • Beta 5: for time being use back static libavformat.a instead of shared version till proper changes will have a place (that to avoid crashes in ffurl*)
  • Beta 5: debugging: added cross-platform D(bug("...")) define (see Base/debug.h), thus on OS4 always use DebugPrintF() instead of kprintf() and get rid of Clib2's libdebug.a
  • Beta 5: get rid of libaos4deps.a, which contain sttcpy() and DoSuperNew() realisations, those functions now in separate object.
  • Beta 5: updated youtube scripts to the latest ones from Fab's page.
  • Beta 5: get rid of CyberGraphics everywhere in favor of graphics.library (c) Capehill
  • Beta 5: added support of compositing video in fullscreen mode. You can have as many videos in different tabs as you wish in fullscreen, not just one as with overlay (be it P96 or CGX5). also fixing some bugs in MediaPlayer while adding compositing video (c) Ami603 with help from Hans & Capehill.
  • Beta 4: Major change in Video/Audio: Thanks to Frank from AmiBoing/EntwicklerX Odyssey now uses Frank's real amiga shared libs for all FFmpeg parts handling video/audio in the browser. That in comparison with my older static FFmpeg compile mean:
    1. We have now FFmpeg 2.2.16 instead of an older 2.2.1 (why not 3.x and 4.x ? Because since 2.2.16 some decoders start to be slower).
    2. Binary of Odyssey is smaller on 5mb now, as no FFmpeg code built-in, that code in the shared libs instead.
    3. Frank's version recognize Altivec unit and if available, uses the Altivec code automatically (so theoretically those ones who has Altivec machines can have better speed in video playback)
  • Beta 4: All the shared libs also placed in the LIBS folder of Odyssey and will be used from there now, so users will have no issues. But of course, you can move them all to system LIBS: directory if you wish: AmigaOS4 will firstly search libs in the LIBS: directory of Odyssey, and if nothing found then the system's one.
  • Beta 4: In the prefs/media enabled by default WebM, Flv and Ogg (before they were disabled), so everything works out of the box. If users wish to not have video/audio be played in the browser but to have downloads instead, then those options can be disabled.
  • Beta 4: incorporated some changes which Deadwood did for 1.25 version back in past and which wasn't in our version till now, such as:
    • Improved audio/video sync code in MediaPlayer.
    • Free locale resources regardless of application creation.
  • Beta 4: one more user-agent for spoofing by request: Nintendo Wii
  • Beta 3: fixed bug in Odyssey with WebP rendering being in blue color (Cairo expect ARGB, no needs for byteswap) (c) Petrol. Also, rebuild with newer libWebP v1.1.0
  • Beta 3: major PNG decoding changes:
    1. Odyssey compiled with 1.6.37 instead of old 1.2.50 libpng + necessary changes in Odyssey's code
    2. added APNG (animated png) support. Code taken from today's WebKit source code and adapted to our version + added .apng mime-type as well. Changes applied: 1, 2. For test visit Wikipedia: APNG and see if animation works
  • Beta 3: Ouch! The current version of Cairo we use till now didn't use Semaphores as expected, but pthreads instead! Removed pthreads usage in favor of os4 semaphores. That theoretically can bring some speed and may have some impact on MediaPlayer. Also recompiled Cairo with libpng16 now.
  • Beta 3: actual build dates for $VER: everywhere (version, aboutbox, and about.html)
  • Beta 3: fix "download-font" script by adding --no-check-certificates to wget (c) khayoz
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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