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Amiga Future (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Web browser Odyssey 1.23 r5_beta07
Roman 'kas1e' Kargin has released a new beta version of his AmigaOS 4 port of the web browser Odyssey. Changes:
  • Fixed bug in Cairo library caused skippable DSI on some sites in cairo_clip_intersect_rectangle_box() by adding related patches from the latest version of Cairo.
  • Replaced old, statically linked, Pixman library v0.32.4 by newer v0.36.0 from Salas00: Salas00's version is a real amiga native shared library and has AOS4 native TLS (thread-local storage) implementation, which means that rendering done now not from the same thread, but from different ones => things can be faster. New pixman-1.library coming with release archive in the LIBS directory, so no action needs, all continue to works out of the box. Thanks Salas00!
  • Media player: when we in accelerated full-window playback, and mouse cursor over the video, then after 2 seconds of inactivity we hide mouse pointer. Moving mouse or clicking mouse buttons made cursor be visibly again. I.e. mimic usual video-players behavior.
  • Media player: when we in accelerated full-window playback, then we disable screen blankers and enable them back once we exit from full-window playback.
  • Fixed nasty bug with missing TAG_DONE in the Dtpic object creation. Before it working by pure luck: If the memory following the unterminated tag list contains 'lucky' or invalid tag values then nothing bad happens. But a single 'unlucky' (but valid and possibly dangerous if not used correctly) tag value may cause unpredictable havoc (c) Thore.
  • Rewritten DoSuperNew() function to use DoSuperMethodA() directly instead of DoSuperMethod(), as the later internally do call the same DoSuperMethodA(). So we skip that step to make DoSuperNew() be more efficient with less stack space in use. Thanks to Thore for hint and Oliver for explaining.
  • Added support for 4th and 5th mouse buttons for stepping backward (4th) and forward (5th) through the browser history. I.e same as in IBrowse.
  • Major improvements in spoofing area by Javier: new Spoofing preferences. Together with inbuild (and not editable) default Odyssey's user-agent, you can now add/edit your own ones. You also can choose what user agents you want to show on the menu and which didn't. All the user-agents saves in the 'useragents.prefs' placed in Conf , just like 'userscripts.prefs' or 'searchengines.prefs'. The work which spends on was big, so there can be issues so plz check it carefully and report all bugs and suggestions. Everything localized as well, see bottom of Thanks Javier!
  • Notification titles are now localized as well, see for MSG_NOTIFY_DL_COMPLETED, MSG_NOTIFY_DL_CANCELLED and MSG_NOTIFY_DL_FAILED (c) Javier.
  • Updated Italian catalog by samo79 and new Danish catalog by NBache.
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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