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26.May 2020
Generation Amiga (Webseite)

A4000 motherboard suitable for ATX cases: A4000TX
Two years ago the Finnih developer 'hese7' offered his A4000 motherboard clone A4000+ Alice and promised an ATX-compatible version. The aim of the developer was to create a version of the A4000cr motherboard including the daughterboard which is compatible to ATX cases and power supplies and additionally supports fullsize Zorro cards.

Meanwhile the clone has been finished. On Amibay you can purchase empty boards in a collective order. The latest Revision 1.1 offers the following features:
  • ATX form factor (actually a hybrid ATX/EATX form factor)
  • uses standard ATX power supply
  • 68030 processor and 68882-FPU
  • CPU slot connector for accelerator cards
  • four full-length Zorro III slots
  • three (inactive) ISA slots
  • 3.5" IDE port
  • extended video slot
  • onboard Fast RAM support up to 112MB (Meutoxo)
  • Kickstart ROM support up to 4MB (Romy)
  • Amiga mouse and joystick ports
  • PC PS/2 keyboard and PC PS/2 mouse support
  • support for native Amiga and PC floppy drives
  • 24-pin breakout header with full RGB port support (for external scandoublers, genlocks, SCART cables, etc..)
  • power connectors for two case fans
  • serial and parallel ports, 3.5mm stereo jack
  • on-board RTC with battery
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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