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Gregory Donner (E-Mail)

Graphics card: Firmware and driver update for ZZ9000
For his graphics card ZZ9000 ( reported) Lukas F. Hartmann has released updates of the firmware and the driver. Version 1.6.2 among others offers improved stability and performance.

  • Higher stability, esp. with 68060/CyberStorm. Better output signal. 1.5.1 for Zorro 3 had faulty FPGA timing. We finally figured out this was a Xilinx Vivado bug
  • Improved raw read/write speed
  • Improved speed on some P96 drawing functions, especially RectFill() Pattern
  • Fixes to network driver incl. the possibility to switch to INT2 instead of INT6 in the case you have hardware conflicts. To do this, set the interrupt jumper on ZZ9000 to INT2 and create an empty file ENVARC:ZZ9K_INT2
  • Unified scandoubler (“videocap”) code for Denise and Videoslot sampling with slightly better centering
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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