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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

APC&TCP also takes over digital distribution of "Amiga Joker" magazine
Press release: APC&TCP is pleased to announce that we are now taking over the digital distribution of the game magazine "Amiga Joker". The PDF file (and of course also the print edition) of issue 1/17 of the "Amiga Joker" is now available in the online shop at the title link.

About Amiga Joker:
Amiga Joker was Germany's first and largest trade magazine for Amiga games and delighted its readers from issue 11/1989 to issue 10-11/1996 with a refreshing writing style, distinctive test reports and unbeatable authors. So it happened that even today many are still waiting for the next edition, which was announced for November 29, 1996 but unfortunately never was published.

After a short break, Dr. Freak, Brork, Mixer, the Joker and the team are back: At the community event Amiga32 in Neuss, on October 28, 2017 a completely new and limited edition of the Amiga Joker was presented - freshly prepared by the original Amiga Joker team, in the original Amiga Joker layout.

From enthusiasts for fans!
With 44 pages

Topics of the issue include:
  • New games 2018: This is how RESHOOT R is created
  • Old versus new: Settlers, Lotus, Stardust - Amiga classics vs. current hits
  • Amiga Joker totally naked: secrets of the editorial team and stories that noone knows yet
  • Factor 5 Extra: The Turrican makers unpack - successes, pirated copies, comeback plans

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