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Game Construction Kit: Scorpion Engine
The "Scorpion Engine" developed by Erik 'earok' Hogan allows you to develop game running on an A500 with a screen rate of 50 Hz. The editor runs under Windows. Graphics are imported as PNG files, levels created by using the editor Tiled. For sounds, music and animations the Amiga formats are used (mod, 8svx, anim5).

For some days an update is available which additional to the full example project Amigo the Fox includes diverse changes and improvements:
  • Mid-air platformer control is drastically improved, though there's still some refinements to be done
  • Ability to set collision handling per direction. It's now possible to define that an enemy will bounce off walls but won't bounce when hitting the floor from height, for example
  • Ability to configure a platformer actor so it won't walk off it's platform (this is done from the 'collision down' parameter)
  • Previously, a "player projectile" type couldn't collide with the player itself. This has been fixed, allowing for objects that collide with both the player and other objects
  • Removal of various unused parameters for simplicity
  • Improved efficiency of animated tile system
  • AGA enhancement: Fades are super smooth 24 bit. On OCS machines, fades remain at 12 bit
  • AGA enhancement: Color palette is 24 bit. On OCS machines, palette remains at 12 bit
  • Map compilation has been made much more powerful. You can include any number of background and foreground layers and the compiler will merge them all down to a tight and efficient tileset, containing no visually redundant tiles
  • A1000 officially supported
  • ECS/AGA enhancement: Border blank. Border is always black, even when index 0 of palette isn't
  • Various improvements for Backbone importer
  • Default fonts are included with every new project (cheers to Koyot for this)
  • Commercial derived sample games have been depreciated, and will be replaced and removed in future updates. They were never meant to be finished, they were simply meant to show that commercial quality, console like games are entirely possible in the engine. They'll be replaced with similar games featuring free assets
  • Various other minor tweaks to support 'Amigo the Fox' and future Scorpion games
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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