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Amiga Future (Webseite)

Developer tool: vlink 0.16e
Frank Wille has updated his portable linker vlink featuring the following changes:
  • Changing the address within an output section in a linker script didn't work correctly when the destination memory region (load-address) differs from the relocation memory region (execution-address).
  • Data commands in linker scripts didn't work when there was nothing else in the output section.
  • Fixed a segfault when a linker script moves the address counter backwards inside an output section.
  • Fixed uninitialized pointer when loading input files via a linker-script INPUT command.
  • New linker-script command: RESERVE(n) to reserve n bytes of memory and fill it with the current FILL value.
  • FILL-pattern should always be written in big-endian.
  • Replaced FILL command by FILL8 and FILL16.
  • New option -mall to merge everything into a single output section.
  • Weak symbols must only be resolved in executables.
  • (rawbin) Motorola S-Records: Fixed start address in S8 and S9 trailer.
  • (vobj) Fixed reference to a defined weak symbol in an object.
  • (elf) Fixed reference to a defined weak symbol in an object.
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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