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MorphOS-Storage uploads until 01.08.2020
The following packages for MorphOS, which operating system celebrated its 20th birthday yesterday, have been added to MorphOS-Storage until 01.08.2020:
AIOstreams_1.6.2.lha       Stream online video from major platforms
AmiArcadia_26.61.lha       A Signetics-based machines emulator.
Crono_2.0.lha              Generator of printable calendars
Iris_beta0.91.lha          New email client supports IMAP, SSL, email autoc...
MCE_12.01.lha              Multi-game Character Editor by James Jacobs.
MusicDesignStudio_1.0.lha  A program to create and mix up to 20 audio tracks
ReportPlus_7.91.lha        A Multipurpose utility by James Jacobs, MorphOS ...
RNOPublisher_1.0.lha       An easy-to-use PDF publishing program
Void-Feedback_8.lha        Void-Feedback_8.lha

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