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Tiny Bobble - a complete new "Bubble Bobble" (beta)
Tiny Bobble (video) is being written by the developers of Tiny Invaders and Tiny Galaga and is supposed to become a "complete new Bubble Bobble arcade port for Amiga 500" instead of porting the Atari ST version to the Amiga done for the existing commercial version of the Amiga.

In contrast to the existing port of Bubble-Bobble, Tiny Bobble will have the following features:
  • 50 fps (instead of 25fps)
  • 32 colors (instead of 16)
  • 150 items (instead of 40?)
  • Original screen height of 224 pixel (was only 200 pixel)
  • Almost all sprite animations (had only ~20% of animations)
  • Progress Screen (was not available), Big Enemies every 16th level (was not available), Player Two Join animation (was not available)
  • Single file (needed a disk)
  • Animated Extend screen (was not animated)
  • Animated Boss fight (was a still image)
  • Multiple endings (had only one ending)
The beta version which was now released is complete but might include bugs. The author has pointed out that during high activity or in the two player mode on an Amiga 500 maybe the game slows down. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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