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28.Dec.2020 (website)

Clipboard manager: ClipViewer 1.12
ClipViewer is a Clipboard manager for AmigaOS 3.x and AmigaOS 4 sold by A-EON Technology as part of the Enhancer Software package. Version 1.12 is free for customers who bought either the standalone release in 2016 or the commercial version of Enhancer Software.

The update utilises toolbar.gadget class released a few days ago on Updater utility.

Features of ClipViewer:
  • View clips easily and quickly in a list
  • Search clips for keywords
  • Organise and save clips to files
  • Edit selected clips in configured applications such as MultiEdit or MultiViewer
  • Stays resident in memory (started from WBStartUp)
  • Can be invoked at any time with hotkey combination or directly in supported applications
  • ARexx support: Clipviewer has its own port

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