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English Amiga Board (Webseite)

Product announcement: A500 replacement board 'MiSS FGPA'
8bits4ever already is offering some FPGA solutions for retro fans. Soon also a FPGA-based replacement boards for A500 cases will be available. This 'MiSS FPGA' fit inside a Commodore A500 case and uses the original A500 keyboard as input device.

The board is equipped with the same FPGA like the MiST therefore MiSS FPGA is compatible to all MiST cores. Two traditional joystick ports are available which obviously are both set as port 1 - probably for the simultaneous usage of mouse and joystick.

The features of the board:
  • Altera EP3C25E144C8N FPGA
  • 32MB SDRAM
  • Four USB port (supports USB keyboards, mice and gamepads. Also USB hubs to add more that one device per port)
  • Internal 8-pin connector for A500 keyboard
  • Two DB9 classic joystick connector (assigned to port 1)
  • VGA/RGB output
  • RCA stereo audio output
  • Micro SD card slot (push-push style)
  • Internal MicroUSB programming port
  • MiniUSB power connector. 1000mA recomended!
  • On/Off mechanical switch
  • Custom 3D printed PCB holders for A500 case
Miss FPGA soll ab Ende Februar, Anfang März verfügbar sein und 150 Euro kosten. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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