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Text editor: Amiga Source Editor 1.25
By releasing version 1.2 (2019), about two months ago Alain Fontanin has resumed the development of his "Amiga Source Editor" (ASE) which originally started in 1989.

By the support and the feedback of our readers, the author now has released version 1.25. Changes in detail:
  • Significant improvement in overall performance
  • Significant improvement in the processing speed of a document containing lines of more than 4,096 characters (even on a 68000!)
  • Integration of the German localization
  • Integration of cursor movement management, 2 modes available:
    • Free mode: the cursor can move anywhere in the document and tabs are treated as a series of spaces
    • Non-free mode: the cursor follows the text and manages the tabs
  • Possibility to customize the size (4 or 8) and the saving of tabs
  • Processing of the 'DEL' key (oops on Mac it is not present as a physical key!)
  • Ability to set a default location for documents
  • An ASE2019 installation script
  • The documentation is divided into two parts: French and English
  • New examples of ARexx scripts for ASE2019
  • Use of the screen font, instead of 'topaz-8' for the menus
  • Fixed some shortcuts to stick with the Amiga standard
Do not hesitate to contact the author if you encounter a bug or if you have an idea of evolution. (dr) (Translation: dr)

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