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Timo Kloss (ANF)

Adventure: 'Ermentrud' will be released (programmer wanted)
Timo Kloss wrote: The point'n' click adventure "Ermentrud" originally was developed between the years 2001 and 2004 for Amigas equipped with a graphic card, but then abandoned. It was placed in a medieval world and offered an absurd plot and absurd humor. And the hero had a horse made of paper maché.

This year the game will be finally released. All the original graphics, sounds and music will be included but the plot will be reworked.

So far only a German version is planned. If there will be additional localisations is still not clear. The game will offer gaming fun of at least one hour and will be available for free.

The current level of development
  • All old scripts have been repaired and extended and the game can be played through. A rework of the dialogues and texts is planned.
  • A completely new engine based on SDL2 was developed which is 100% compatible to the old one. The development has been finished and the game runs on macOS and Windows.
  • Besides, the game still always runs on the old Amiga engine.
Amiga programmer wanted

Unfortunately the old engine does not run that stable and has graphic problems in emulators and on OS 4 (probably on MorphOS as well). I would like to release the game for Amiga systems as well therefore I am looking for a programmer who can help fixing the problems. It is C-Code but not that clear. Alternatively the mpdern SDL2-based engine can be also used. Please contact me if you are interested! (cg) (Translation: dr)

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