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28.Mar.2021 (website)

AmigaOS 4: Enhancer Software 2
Today, version 2 of the AmigaOS 4.1 extension package "Enhancer Software" by A-EON Technology has been released. Customers who have purchased the "Enhancer Software Graphics Update" before can download it for free using the "Updater" utility. According to customers, the full version is available in Amistore for about 120 USD.

New features include for example hardware-accelerated video decoding on Radeon Polaris graphic cards, an extension of the OpenGLES 2 library, preferences for the power settings of Radeon Southern Islands/Oland and Polaris cards, an archiver tool for the major kinds of compressed archives and additional datatypes.

New features:
  • Video Acceleration Library has been added to support hardware video decoding on Radeon Polaris cards
  • Warp3D Nova has been updated to support the new Video Acceleration library as well as many important improvements and bug fixes
  • OpenGLES 2 library has been expanded with more functionality and bug fixes
  • SensorMaster library: a new hardware Sensor API for the first time on next generation systems
  • Power Prefs has been added to control the Power settings on Radeon Southern Islands/Oland and Polaris cards
  • Archiver tool has been added offering compression and unarchiving on major compressed archives
  • InfoWB commodity has been added providing volume information using PieChart Gadget and CRC32 information
  • MultiViewer: now supports new Toolbar gadget class with many updates and fixes implemented
  • MultiEdit: now supports new Toolbar gadget class with many updates and fixes implemented
  • Notifications (Ringhio): now supports modern slide in notification animations with a new library of alert sounds added. Many bug fixes implemented
  • Format: now displays volume capacity information using PieChart Gadget. Supports ListViewer, InfoData and ProgressBar gadget
  • Updater and AmiSphereServer: overhaul/rewrite of many functions with many bug fixes
  • Warp2D Library added
  • AK-Datatypes added: GIF, IFF-ILBM, PNG, TIFF
  • Sound Datatypes upgraded
  • Brand new Datatypes library
Bug-fixed components:
  • TuneNet
  • AmiPDF
  • Clock
  • X-Dock
  • Almost all of the Gadgets/Classes
Changes by category:
  • Classes
    • Anim Gadget v53.7 (updated)
    • InfoData Class v53.3 (updated)
    • InfoWindow Class v53.10 (updated)
    • ListViewer Gadget v53.31 (updated)
    • OptionButton Gadget v53.2 (updated)
    • TickBox Gadget v53.13 (updated)
    • ToolBar Gadget v53.6 (updated)
    • Select Gadget v53.7 (updated)
    • SliderBar Gadget v53.22 (updated)
  • Commands
    • AddDatatypes v54.5 (added)
    • Assign v54.2 (added)
    • Copy v54.5 (added)
    • Dir v54.1 (added)
    • List v54.6 (added)
    • MakeDir v54.7 (added)
    • Version v54.8 (added)
  • Commodities
    • Clipviewer v1.12 (updated)
    • InfoWB v53.23 (added)
  • Datatypes
    • AK-GIF v54.14 (added)
    • AK-ILBM v54.14 (added)
    • AK-JFIF v54.15 (added)
    • AK-PNG v54.15 (added)
    • AK-TIFF v54.17 (added)
    • MOD v54.3 (updated)
    • MPEGA v54.10 (updated)
    • Sound v54.10 (updated)
    • WAV v54.10 (updated)
  • Devices
    • A1222 AHI sound driver v6.3 (added)
    • A1222 ethernet device v1.2 (added)
    • HDAudio AHI sound driver v6.23 (added)
    • OxygenHD AHI sound driver v4.1 (added)
    • USBADM8511 device v53.11 (added)
    • X5000 ethernet device v52.6 (added)
  • Kickstart
    • RadeonHD v3.6 (updated)
    • RadeonRX v2.4 (added)
  • L
    • SSH2-Handler v53.12 (added)
  • Libraries
    • Clipview Library v1.12 (updated)
    • Codesets Library v6.21 (updated)
    • Datatypes Library v54.11 (added)
    • Filesysbox Library v54.8 (added)
    • LZMA Library v53.7 (added)
    • OGLES 2.0 library v3.1 (updated)
    • RadeonRX Driver Video Library v1.4 (added)
    • VA Library v1.4 (added)
    • Warp2D Library v1.3 (added)
    • Warp3D Nova Library v1.83 (updated)
    • Warp3D Nova GCN Library v1.83 (updated)
    • Warp3D Nova SI Library v1.83 (updated)
    • Zip Library v53.12 (updated)
  • Preferences
    • AmiSphere Preferences v53.35 (updated)
    • Notification Preferences v54.3 (updated)
    • Sound Preferences v53.26 (updated)
    • Time Preferences v53.21 (updated)
  • System
    • AmiSphereServer v53.38 (updated)
    • Format v54.0 (updated)
    • NotificationServer v54.3 (updated)
    • Updater v53.73 (updated)
  • Utilities
    • AmiPDF v1.42 (updated)
    • Archiver v53.17 (added)
    • MultiEdit v2.9 (updated)
    • MultiViewer v3.7 (updated)
    • TuneNet v2.13 (updated)
    • X-Dock updated to v2.43 (updated)

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