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Amigaworld (Webseite)

Web browser: IBrowse 2.5.4
Another update for the web browser IBrowse has been released which is free for existing customers:
  • Fixed crash when modifying strings in the spoof settings, which occurred with older MUI versions
  • Tweaked default fastlink URLs, whilst adding
  • 68k: Fixed drawer icon inheritance setting
  • Removed call to deprecated MUI_Error() function
  • Completely abandoned bidirectional SSL shutdowns due to some servers being broken and not replying properly, which caused HTTPS connections to hang and never complete
  • Updated Polish and Italian language catalogs
  • OS4: Fixed AmiUpdate not updating the Norwegian catalog
  • Updated PNG decoder using libpng 1.6.37
  • Fixed possible reference to freed memory for secure pages when updating the status bar
  • Detect incomplete gzip encoded downloads, flagging them as an error and allowing the auto resume feature to handle them too
  • Added handling of marginwidth, marginheight, border and scrolling attributes for <iframe> elements
  • Fixed broken JavaScript in iframes, due to wrong (parent) context being used
  • Skip alternative content for iframes when iframes enabled
  • Fixed crash when freeing pages with nested iframes
  • Image links and maps now default to showing no border
  • Border now rendered for non-linked image elements when specified
  • 68k: Downgraded locale.library requirement from V39 to V38, for Workbench 3.0 compatibility
  • Fixed crash that would happen should locale.library fail to open
  • Fixed case where HTTPS connections did not finish loading due to some servers not responding to an SSL shutdown, when the disk cache was disabled
The developers also explained: "Some development work has also been done on HTML <iframe> support (which Stefan started during IBrowse 2.4 development), but this remains disabled in public releases until it is deemed stable." (cg) (Translation: dr)

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