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Game Construction Kit: RedPill 0.87
RedPill developed by Carlos Peris is a Game Construction Kit written in AmiBlitz 3.8, which can help developing games of diverse genres - see our little review of two games. Recently a preview video of the forthcoming game "Putter" has been released being also developed with RedPill. RedPill is compatible to AGA and ECS, the "player" requires a total of 1,5 MB RAM.

Changes since version 0.85:
  • Help information is available in the editor, press the (i) button in the bottom of the screen.
  • Fix in Force NTSC flag that can be used from the CLI or the Icon Tooltype.
  • Added Stamp action trigger that prints an object to the brackground of the level.
  • Change in screen refresh when the camera position moves abruptly.
  • Added HUD Refresh trigger to fully repaint he hud. Only use it when changing labels.
  • Editor stack increased to allow the sprite editor to cut bigger sprites.
  • Now it is possible to copy and paste objects. It should work between projects too.
  • Added C64 menu color scheme.
  • Fix in games not using HUD.
  • Fixes in the copperlist.
  • Fix small glitch in the bottom of the menu.

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