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Amiga Future (website)

Nintendo emulator: A/NES 1.2
The Nintendo emulator A/NES (not to be confused with A/NES Pro, which is based on the same source-code but with a rewritten graphics engine) had not been updated for more than 14 years. Now Morgan Johansson rediscovered his fun on working on the original version, which is restricted to ECS and AGA, respectively. Thus further releases are possible.

Changes in version 1.2:
  • Minor graphics optimizations
  • Rewrote stack-handling code (no more "stack overflow" errors)
  • Fixed bug related to Sprite-DMA that could crash the game
  • Removed some old debug-code that slowed things down (oops)
  • Added mapper 87
Download: anes_v1.2.lha (44 KB) (snx)

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