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WHDLoad: New installers until 15.05.2021
Using WHDLoad, games, scene demos and intros by cracking groups, which were originally designed to run only from floppy disks, can be installed on harddisk. The following installers have been added until 15.05.2021:
  • 2021-05-15 improved: Voodoo Nightmare (Palace Software) 68000 quitkey, 2nd button/joypad support added, new install script (Info)
  • 2021-05-15 improved: Temple of the Enlightened Souls (Softsell/Dynamic) title screen delay added (Info)
  • 2021-05-15 improved: Switchblade 2 (Gremlin) blitwaits can be disabled, joypad fixes (Info)
  • 2021-05-15 improved: Return of the Jedi (Domark) kickemu used, 68000 quitkey, new icon and install script (Info)
  • 2021-05-15 improved: Prison (Krisalis/Actionware) 68000 quitkey, new install script (Info)
  • 2021-05-15 improved: P.O.W. (Actionware) title music fixed, 68000 quitkey, new install script (Info)
  • 2021-05-15 improved: Lombard RAC Rally (Red Rat/Mandarin Software) supports more versions, trainer added, new install script (Info)
  • 2021-05-15 fixed: Body Blows (Team 17) access faults removed (Info)
  • 2021-05-15 new: Black Dawn Rebirth (Doublesided Games) done by JOTD (Info)
  • 2021-05-15 improved: Alien Fish Finger (Skull Army/Davis J. Cruickshank) supports another version, trainer added, new install script (Info)
  • 2021-05-15 improved: Pro Boxing Simulator (Code Masters/Optimus Software) delay for boxer status screens added, trainer added, high score load/save added, 68000 quitkey support, WHDLoad v17+ features used (config), new install script (Info)
  • 2021-05-14 improved: Brides of Dracula (Gonzo Games) new RawDIC imager, 68000 quitkey support, delay for title picture added, WHDLoad v17+ features used (Info)
  • 2021-05-14 improved: Fraction Action (Unicorn Software) copperlist problem fixed, black screen problem (title pictures) fixed (Info)
  • 2021-05-13 improved: Ultimate Golf (Gremlin) wrong offset for interrupt acknowledge patch fixed (Info)
  • 2021-05-13 updated: Ultimate Golf (Gremlin) patch rewritten, real files used, title music is replayed now, self-modifying code fixed, source code included (Info)
  • 2021-05-12 improved: Sword of Sodan (Discovery Software) imager fixed, another icon added (Info, Image)
  • 2021-05-12 fixed: Black Lamp (Firebird) remove black border on toggle music/sfx (Info)
  • 2021-05-11 improved: Bombuzal (Imageworks) supports another version, buttonwait added, trainer added, 68000 quitkey, manual and icon added (Info)
  • 2021-05-10 improved: Sensible World of Soccer (Sensible Software) another version supported (Info)
  • 2021-05-10 improved: The Speris Legacy (Team 17) changed save system, fixed some rare joypad issues (Info)
  • 2021-05-10 improved: Space Quest Enhanced (Sierra) made MT32 work, optionally uses less chip memory (Info)
  • 2021-05-10 improved: Knightmare (Mindscape) imager improved, icon added, new installs cript (Info)
  • 2021-05-10 fixed: Final Countdown (Demonware/Global Software) using chip memory for better timing (Info)
  • 2021-05-10 improved: Captive (Mindscape) new imager, 68000 quitkey, manual and icon added, new install script (Info)
  • 2021-05-10 improved: Captain Planet (Mindscape) icon and readme fixed, another icon added (Info)
  • 2021-05-10 improved: Beneath A Steel Sky (Virtual Theatre/Virgin) support for 68000 (Info)

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