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amigaXfer 1.1.0: Serial data transfer to the Amiga - without Amiga software
Roc Vallès' amigaXfer transfers single files or whole disk images to the Amiga via serial cable. No additional software is needed on the Amiga since the debugger (which is included in the Kickstart ROM) is being used to take control from the main computer (we reported).

The updated version 1.1.0 is available for all Windows 32-bit systems starting with Windows 7. However, the source code available on GitHub (Python and m68k assembler) can also be implemented for other platforms. Prerequisites for this are Python 3.8+, pyserial and wxpython. The changes at a glance:
  • SetupDialog
    • ResetFirst will reboot machine during connection.
    • Writing floppies is slightly faster in this environment, due to less tasks running.
    • DosTool not usable in this environment due to dos.library being not yet initialized.
    • Allows entry via non-critical guru right click.
  • FloppyTool
    • BUGFIX: Fixed tool not working at all and instead spitting FCh ioerr on some machines.
    • Disk2ADF will now retry reads 5 times before giving up.
    • More user friendly IO error reporting.
  • BootblockTool
    • Better error reporting.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed issue in workaround for WRITE_BYTE SAD bug (kick v39).
  • Workaround introduced for SAD reboot function ACK bug.
    • SAD doesn't check TSRE after writing ACK to SERDAT; reboot will interrupt ACK on a fast CPU.
    • Don't bother waiting for ACK.
  • Floppyless Bootstrap should now work on all kickstarts.
    • Tested on kickstart 34/37/39/40/45/46.
  • Size SetupDialog/RomTool windows to contents.
  • Cleaned up tool startup/cleanup procedures for all tools.
(dr) (Translation: bb)

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