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25.May 2021
MorphZone (website)

MorphOS: IRC client AmIRC 3.8 / MorphOS IRC support moves to Libera Chat
Nicolas 'Henes' Sallin and Harry 'Piru' Sintonen, who continue AmIRC development, have published an update of the IRC client for MorphOS. Since version 3.6.2, e.g. SSL support has been added and the default server list been updated.

Furthermore, the official IRC support channel of the MorphOS developer team has changed. Due to an internal dispute at the previously used Freenode network following its change of ownership in 2017, the MorphOS support channel has been moved to Libera Chat. Besides this new channel, #morphos at, also the old one at Freenode will stay online for now but could be closed down at any time.

Changes since AmIRC 3.6.2:
  • GUI: Updated default server list
  • GUI: Added yyyymmdd timestamp feature
  • DCC: Fixed buffer overflows when resolving IP
  • Net: Added SSL support. To enable it, add a + before the server port (i.e. /server host +6697), add the UseSSL argument/tooltype or use the GUI. MorphOS only
  • General: Does not use vapor_toolkit.libray anymore. MorphOS only
  • General: Fixed a few bugs
Download: amirc_38_morphos.lha (2 MB) (snx)

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