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Remake: Textadventure Hibernated 1 (Director's Cut)
In 2019 the commercial textadventure 'Hibernated - This Place is Death' was released as first part of a planned trilogy. His release Stefan Vogt now has ported as Director's Cut' to the Z-machine originally developed by Infocom: An development environment for textadventures.

Vogt finally "ended up completely rewriting it" adding "tons of narrative content and new riddles". The game also now is available for many platforms.

Probably on 1. August the game also will be available in a boxed edition on featuring the following content:
  • 3,5" floppy disk
  • Cardboard box with slipcase (23 x 18,5 x 2,5 cm)
  • Mission patch
  • Developer's autograph card
  • MicroSD card including disk images and more
  • Manual (DIN A5, English)
  • Quick guide "How to Play Interactive Fiction"
  • Stickers
  • Din-A3 poster
  • Shrink-wrapped
The game can be pre-ordered for 35 Euro. (dr)

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