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Screen capture: SnapIT for MorphOS 2.x, AROS and AmigaOS 4.1
After more than four years, Stefan Blixth (OnyxSoft) has updated his tool for taking screenshots to version 1.5 (message about version 1.4).

Changes in version 1.5:
  • Removed a bug that could be triggered when closing the program.
  • Removed a bug that could be triggered lockups when user had multiple screens open.
  • Added variable templates for the use of name on Screen / Window in the parser.
  • Added variable templates for date (year and month) and time (hour, minutes and seconds) in parser.
  • Added "USEALPHA" TOOLTYPE for MorphOS systems.
  • Removed the "bubble help" temporary on OS4 binaries since it could cause a lockup on the system.
  • Added support to be able to fetch ancient GIMMEZEROZERO windows =) (ex.ZoneXplorer)
(dr) (Translation: bb)

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