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Alfred Faust (ANF)

Multimedia MIDI sequencer: BarsnPipes 1.0 for Amiga OS4.1 FE
At the end of October in 2009, Alfred Faust decided to stop developing his multimedia MIDI sequencer BarsnPipes due to increasing health problems (we reported). In July 2013 he released the source code of his programm. Mainly due to Corona, Alfred Faust has a lot of spare time which among others he invested in updating his AmigaOS 4 computer and its operating system to OS 4.1 FE and eventually reworking and compiling BarsnPipes for Amiga OS 4.1 FE.

The first official full version 1.0 now is available in the download section of his website also including all previous updates. He also has updated all development documents:
  • New Rules for Tools OS 4.1 FE
  • Michael Rees SDK OS4.1 FE
  • New Rules for Skins
  • tools for creating catalogs
By releasing this full version, Alfred Faust wants to consciously distinguish from other development lines "whose programmers", as he wrote, "use my source code, but don't mention me as the main developer of BarsnPipes (not Bars&Pipes Professional 2.5). This is not a good style and also violates the copyrights." (dr)

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