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AmigaOS 4: Python implementation of Space Invaders
Programmed by Tomohiro Nishikado and Taito distributed by Taito, Space Invaders premiered in 1978: an attack of aliens had to be fended off with the spaceship, moving left and right with it at the bottom of the screen and trying to decimate with shots the rows of regularly arranged aliens that were constantly moving horizontally, gradually moving downwards.

Subsequently, there were also numerous conversions for the Amiga, such as "Super Space Invaders" or DeLuxe Galaga. In 2014, developer Lee Robinson wanted to test his Python programming skills and wrote a Python clone of the game, the source code of which he published on GitHub (YouTube video).

Amiga programmer Janne Peršaho has taken this source code, ported it from Python 3 to Python 2.5.6 and created a conversion for AmigaOS 4.

  • Full screen mode
  • Unlimited attack waves
  • Highscore
  • Title music
  • Moon background
  • Amiga-Icon
We have tested the game briefly: The game runs in slow motion under WinUAE on a Windows computer with 2.20 GHz. Maybe newer and faster systems can get more out of it. Native on an AmigaOne X5000/20, on the other hand, it runs smoothly and is thus perfectly suited for a short phase of distraction.

The game can be downloaded for free from OS4Depot, the author is happy about a small donation if you like it, which he also considers as motivation for future projects. (dr) (Translation: bb)

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