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Patrick Nevian

Tales of Gorluth III: Development status and survey
In January 2019 the third part of Tales of Gorluth Saga was announced. In April of the last year the developer Patrick Nevian (AMIworx) informed that the third part is being ported to the Scorpion Engine.

Now Nevian has asked all users who have pre-ordered the game how to proceed. The developer kindly allowed us to publish this mail:

"Dear Gorluth fans!

It´s been a while since my last update email. I told you about TOGIII being converted to the Scorpion Engine. The advantages are obvious: 50 fps, better graphics, etc.

My Backbone version of TOGIII has been finished for a while now. Erik keeps improving Scorpion and the features are impressive. The implementation process will take some time, as Erik is working on more than one project.

Now my question to you: Do you still want to wait for the greatly improved Scorpion version, or do you want the unoptimized Backbone version?

I will discuss a deadline with Erik soon so that the Gorluth series can be completed one way or another. I´m looking forward to your feedback!"

He also invites all other users and potential purchasers of the game to give feedback. (dr)

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