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MorphOS: Web browser Wayfarer 2.6
Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczek's Wayfarer web browser is now available in version 2.6. Besides linking to OpenSSL 3.0, some annoying bugs reported by users have been fixed: On several GitHub pages only gray bars were displayed instead of the texts. Likewise, Wayfarer crashed as soon as one tried to search for a connection on New with version 2.6 are the web and download notifications via Magic Beacon. More details about this notification system can be found on The changes in detail:
  • Implemented Web Notifications and Download notifications via Magic Beacon. See the FAQ for more information
  • Added browser tab pinning (via tab context menu). Disables tab close button and hotkeys
  • Use Clipboard unit 1 for HTML paste operations like Odyssey does
  • Linked against OpenSSL 3.0
  • Fixed a WebAudio crash on
  • Enabled Intersection Observer (fixes
  • Fixed an issue which caused some of the settings to display wrong state when opening settings for a given host directly from the menu

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