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Text editor: Amiga Source Editor 1.60
By releasing version 1.2 (2019), at the end of the last year Alain Fontanin has resumed the development of his "Amiga Source Editor" (ASE) which originally started in 1989.

The author constantly develops his text editor further and now has released version 1.60 with the following changes:
  • AmigaOS version 3.2 is correctly detected at launch;
  • Taking into account of the thousands separator in the display of numbers (locale.library);
  • First version of the 'Configure PFKey' functionality: visualization of the PFKey configuration;
  • Possibility to configure the TAB key to insert spaces;
  • Ability to automatically decompress tabs when reading a file;
  • Addition of 4 new ARexx functions (PrepareCancelLines, GetSelCharLine, GetSelCharStart and GetSelCharEnd);
  • Removal of menu shortcuts using French characters (eg: , , );
  • Correction of a bug preventing the entry (except ASCII or PFKey functions) of the characters [] {} and not taking into account the numeric keypad keys associated with the SHIFT key.
  • Possibility to define the unit associated with the clipboard;
  • Management of DOS comment for files;
  • Management of recent documents (last 10 open documents).

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