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Amiga emulator for MacOS: vAmiga 1.1 Beta 3
At the end of May developer Dirk Hoffmann released version 1.0 of his Amiga emulator for macOS. With the release of the first betaversion for version 1.1 he continued the development. Now beta version 3 is available, with the following changes:
  • Compatibility enhancements:
    • Fixed a bug related to reading the BLTDDAT register.
    • Fixed a bug related to the computation of the DDF window.
    • Fixed a bug related to dropping register writes when DMA is performed at the same time.
  • GUI:
    • Fixed a display bug in the Denise debug panel (BPLCON2 showed wrong values)
  • From now on, vAmiga distinguishes two OCS Agnus revisions (A1000 and A500/2000).
  • Fixed a bug that generated erroneous bitmap blocks on disks created by importing single files or directories.

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