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m68k assembler support: Plugins for JetBrain and Visual Studio IDEs
Recently we reported, that Chris 'platon42' Hodges is developing a (e.g. USB-Stack Poseidon) Plugin for the integrated development environment (IDE) of Jetbrains (e.g. CLion and IntelliJ for Windows, Mac OS and Linux) providing support for m68k assembler. It equips the IDEs with syntax highlighting and code refactoring capability for Motorola's instruction set.

This project also is available on GitHub and meanwhile the plugin is available as version 0.7 providing the following changes:
  • Bugfix: 'btst' with pc-relative and weird immediate mode was missing (courtesy of Yann).
  • Bugfix: 'movem' with pc-relative mode was missing for weird immediate mode (courtesy of Yann).
  • Bugfix: Special registers for address mode matching only worked with lower case register names (courtesy of Yann).
  • Enhancement: Assembler syntax with implicit immediate 1 for shifts and rotations no longer cause syntax errors (courtesy of Yann).
  • Enhancement: Documentation for instruction with special register shows specific register expected.
  • New: Added documentation provider info for global labels. Shows directives and comments above.
  • Bugfix: Fixed BNF for labels with preprocessor statements.
  • Disabled: 'END' detection was breaking parsing, causing havoc.
  • Full changelog available at Github project site.
There is also a second, similar approach of the JetBrains employee Yann Cébron. However, there is no public version yet.

For Microsoft's IDE Visual Studio (among other supporting Visual Basic.NET, C, C++, C++/CLI, C++/CX, C#, F#, SQL Server, TypeScript and Python as well as HTML, JavaScript and CSS), there is also an extension providing support for Amiga's assembler language. (dr)

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