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AmigaOS 4: MediaVault 1.4.1 (Update)
MediaVault is an open source application for AmigaOS 4 which can be used to discover online radio stations. An external player like AmigaAmp and the jansson.library v2.12.1 are required. For the first time now Podcasts also are supported. The author George Sokianos wrote:

"I just released the new version of MediaVault 1.4.0, which brings one of my favorite features, and I am talking about the podcasts support.

MediaVault uses to get data for the listed podcasts and episodes. It has more than 4.2 million of podcasts in it's database, making it one of the biggest online sources. I am sure you will find your beloved podcasts in there, as well.

MediaVault is the first native application for AmigaOS 4 that brings podcasts at the tip of your fingers. And I am sure that you will love it as much as I did developing it.

For now, MediaVault returns only 100 podcasts based on your search criteria, and only the latest 100 episodes of the selected podcast, but I am sure, until you listen to all of this content, the next version will be ready, bringing unlimited access.

The new version can be downloaded from the project GitHub page. If you already use the previous version, there is a self-update process, which you can find at the application menu. This can be used to update to the latest available version automatically.

I would like to thank all of my supporters for helping me develop MediaVault, adding new features and making better and better."

Detailed changes:
  • You can now search for podcasts based on their title, see info and their avatar and a list of the latest 100 episodes.
  • By selecting an episode and clicking the play button the audio is loaded to the player and starts playing.
  • Changed the way the avatar images are downloaded, which is now faster and solves a lot of errors with network access, which resulted connection error messages to appear.

Update: (05:01, 11.10.21, dr)

Meanwhile version 1.4.1 is available. You now can choose your favourite player. With regard to playing Podcasts it seems that the 'Emotion' media player developed by Entwickler-X is most suitable. It can be purchased directly from the developer or e.g. in the Alinea Computer Shop for 25 Euro. Detailed changes:
  • Added an error message when podcast response is not a successful one
  • Added scripts/start_player.sample script. This can be used to set the preferred player. This needs to be renamed as start_player to be used. The reason the file is named like that is to avoid replacements in future updates. The file includes configuration for different supported players, but more can be added.
  • Added Trending Podcasts search based on category and/or language
  • Added radio station bitrate and codec information in results list and at the right sidebar.
  • Changed the about window to add more information.
  • Fixed the error of not finding the texteditor.gadget on start

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