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USB-Adapter: Firmware update v.012 for Ryś MKII
The Ryś MKII adapter can be used together with USB HID devices like mouses, joysticks and pads to connect them as input devices for Amiga computers. The latest firmware update includes support for new mouse models. RysWheel driver has been given option to turn off the wheel driver operation (Stop option).

Added support for models:
  • Logitech M-BT83
  • Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse
  • LogiLink ID0010
  • Acer SM-9023
  • Logitech RX 250
  • Logitech RX 300
  • A-EON MX 1000-4
RysMKII_v0.12_beta.hex (Firmware, 123 KB)
RysWheel_Installer_v0.12.lha (AmigaOS Software, 72 KB) (dr)

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