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Amiga Love

Self-made project: Amiga 2000/3000 keyboard
The developer 'grahamshaw1972' has started the project 'A2000 Serotina' which is a build it yourself Open Source hardware mechanical keyboard for the Amiga A2000 and A3000 computers. Features are:
  • Uses standard PC keyboard parts, case + keycaps
  • Allows the use of the WASD keycap printing service for Amiga specific keycaps
  • All soldering is Through Hole - no SMD soldering required (see Wikipedia article)
  • No original A2000 keyboard parts required
  • All electronic components are still available to buy
  • Uses an Arduino micro-controller
  • Uses Cherry MX type switches
  • Uses QMK firmware ( with Amiga specific code added )
  • Multiple QMK keymaps supported for regional key variations
  • Plugs directly in to an A2000 or A3000 using the 5 pin Din connector - no USB required

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