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Little review: Password management "PassPocket"
Yesterday version 1.1 of the password manager 'PasspPocket' was released in the OS4Depot. However, the archive includes versions for both AmigaOS 3 and 4. We took a look at the version for AmigaOS 4 and daringly left the instructions (in German and English) aside (for now) and started the program directly - hoping to be able to dive intuitively into the world of password management... After starting the program, we are greeted by the following small window:

Hm, our expectations were dashed right at the beginning: Logically (?) I assumed that some window opens and you are asked whether you want to create a new password database or open an existing one. Since one is asked directly for a password, this can only mean: First start of the program, so a new database is created and I give the password. Which of the readers goes along with this train of thought...? I try to be creative, not to use simply "test" and decide for "OhneAmigaistdieWeltfade" ;) I could have saved myself this labor of love, though, as immediately a window grumbles, "The main password does not match a database". Well, the menu of 'PassPocket' only allows an "Quit". So, with my intuition I didn't get far and now I'll have a look at the manual after all. "Getting Started - Test driving PassPocket." The author probably guessed that there would be questions. There I read that 'PassPocket' always automatically searches for databases in the folder "Database" and in this first case finds the sample database. Aha. The password would be "AmigaRulez!". Let's try, works:

I learn further that pressing the pen (AISS package required!) starts the edit mode of the entry. I try with the "Sample Account":

Oh dear, also caught Google...;) With the magnifying glass the password can be shown, here "Password" is used sensibly. I cancel and want to create my own database now, of course. Using the menu item "Database" and the entry "New", a window like the first one shown above is generated, now with the text:" Enter a master password to create a new database." After so much mental work already done, I now make it easy and use: "Amiga". Thereupon a selection window opens for the assignment of a name for the database. I stay with "Amiga".

I'll do it!

So, how can you use this in a meaningful way? Again a look into the manual. One learns: If an entry is activated (left mouse button), you can use CTRL+Alt+u to enter the web page, for example, in the browser at the top. Works! The username can be inserted with CTRL+Alt+n and the password finally with CTRL+Alt+p. Works.

I am now still interested in what happens after closing and restarting the program. Will I be offered different databases? No, I am simply asked for the main password of the database. Hm, okay, then, I think, it will simply compare all existing databases with my entered password and open them if they match. So I type in "Amiga" and get the disappointing message: password does not match any database. Hmm...Consult the manual again. Oha: I have to change the tooltypes of the program myself and add to my newly created database...:

So I add: 'DATABASE2=Amiga' and 'BACKUP2=Amiga_Backup'. So, now I start the program again and type in 'Amiga' and behold, my "Forum Amiga News" entry appears...But there shouldn't be a more user-friendly solution...? What is also not clear to me: Why is it only possible to delete all account entries of a database and not a single one? It is more likely that I have deleted my access data of a single site, so I don't need them anymore and only want to have this entry deleted...

Since not only IBrowse, but under OS4 also Odyssey Web Browser offers a password management, the question remains: What for and when do I use 'PassPocket'? Since surfing the internet with an Amiga is an exciting and challenging task, which sometimes works better with one browser, sometimes with the other, it would make sense not to create the passwords again with every browser, but to use 'PassPocket'. By the way, the program is free and open source, the source code is included in the archive. (dr)

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