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New preview video: Souverän Soccer
Daniel 'Daytona675x' Müßener (Wings Remastered, MiniGL4GL4ES, Tower 57) is working on a soccer game with 3D view called "Souverän Soccer" ( reported) which is supposed to run on unaccelerated Amiga 1200 and CD32 with 50 fps.

Meanwhile the author has published the 20. preview video from which here two screenshots have been taken:

The crowd asset is a temporary placeholder, taken from Super Soccer (SNES). About the history of the game the author wrote:
"Around 1994 or so, when I lived in Ecuador, my friend Patricio Maldo and I were pretty much the only Amiga users all around, everybody else was into PC. Therefore software supply was pretty bad and we usually had to wait until the next trip to Germany to stock up.

Although I actually hate soccer, we both spent hours over hours with the soccer management simulations "Starbyte Super Soccer" and "Bundesliga Manager Pro" (and he constantly beating me ;) ). Our verdict was clear: Starbyte had the more interesting features whereas Bundesliga Manager had the superior presentation with its great goal sequences.

What we wanted was a mixture of both, so I started coding one. I'm pretty sure it was Patricio who came up with the name "Souverän!".

Back then I used GFA Basic on my A500 with 1MB. By the time it was pretty cool, had lots of advanced features, but the primary reason for using it was: I simply had nothing else ;)

For the goal sequences I came up with something special: SNES Super Formation Soccer like 3D view! I had seen this in an issue of the german games mag "VideoGames", used those mags a lot for inspiration. Well, it was not fullscreen, of course, limited to 4 color IIRC, consisting out of some 10 precalculated base pictures (thanks to DeluxePaint's 3D functions) and parallax scrolling chunks of 5 rows of pixels or so. Was actually pretty cool nevertheless :)

Unfortunately I ran into some RAM limitations at some point, IIRC it was some issue with GFA Basic itself, something like no more arrays available or so, so the project died when it was already fairly advanced.

So, this here is a tribute to this project from ~25 years ago :)." (dr)

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