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David Brunet (ANF)

New articles on Obligement website
The articles below have been added to the website of the french Amiga/MorphOS magazine Obligement during the last two months. All translations are welcome. Please contact David 'Daff' Brunet for more information.
  • November/December 2021 news
  • Old articles from Joystick 33 to 36:
    • News: Future successes of 1993 (part one and two)
    • Interview with Dino Dini
    • Review of Walker
    • Review of Lemmings 2
    • News: Psygnosis piles on the heroes
    • Review of Best Of The Best
    • Review of Historyline 1914-1918
    • Interview with Johan Robson
    • Review of Street Fighter 2
    • Review of Piracy On The High Seas
    • News: Body Blows and Super Frog
    • Team 17's two future hits
    • Interview with Geoff Heath and Ann Jacobs
    • Review of Caesar, review of Coolworld
  • Special quiz about the pseudonyms of the Amiga world
  • Interview with David Pleasance and Colin Proudfoot (directors of Commodore UK)
  • Interview with Amy Worthington (designer of Mr Beanbag)
  • Interview with Graeme Boxall (co-founder of Renegade)
  • Review of eNewsReader r2
  • File: The Checkmate A1500 controversy
  • File: Pinball games from 21th Century
  • Point of view: The development of Rave (part 2)
  • DIY: Project AmiPi - the quintessence of retro-computing in a pure vintage computer
  • DIY: Development of the Arduino Amiga floppy drive, aka DrawBridge
  • Tutorial: Setting up the Indivision AGA MK3
  • Special quiz about the pseudonyms on the Amiga community

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