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Intro competition: Nominees of 'Nano Awards 2022'
At the beginning of December, we reported on the intro competition The Nano Awards 2022. Now the nominations have been announced, without Amiga participation:
  • Best Oldschool Tiny Intro
    • Quarter Express, by ilmenit / agenda (256b, Atari XE/XL)
    • Gleest, by Bfox (256b, ZX Spectrum)
    • Metro, by Xeen / Agenda (256b, Atari XE/XL)
    • VIFI Videoram Filler by Busy / BusySoft (256b, ZX Spectrum)
    • Sapere Aude, by Ilmenit / agenda (256b, Commodore 64)

  • Best Hi-End Tiny Intro
    • Lightcrypt, by Gopher / Alcatraz (256b, DOS)
    • Mems, by Digimind (256b, DOS)
    • Sseraf, by Rrrola (256b, DOS)
    • Blake32, by Superogue / Marquee Design (32b, DOS)
    • Up up Down, by Sensenstahl (256b, DOS)
A video summary of the productions is available on the official website of the competition. (dr)

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