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Trevor Dickinson

Trevor Dickinson on: A1222+/Enhancer V2.x/From Vultures to Vampires Vol 2
In response to our inquiry, Trevor Dickinson (A-EON) provided a brief summary of the current status of some projects:
  • A1222plus motherboard

    • Hardware works as expected, including network and audio
    • DVD drive support still problematic at the moment
    • Board now can boot Workbench
    • Performance like the original beta board: all popular software (e.g. Odyssey and IBrowse, but also the latest DVDPlayer version) as well as A-EON's 2D and 3D graphics drivers including the latest Enhancer 2.1 release are supported.
    • The A1222+ uses the latest uboot firmware written by Mark Olsen, which provides additional variables such as reduction in the number of Boing Ball animation and generally faster boot time.
    • production start and planned availability not set yet: currently preparing early adopter production depending on component availability

  • Enhancer Software V54

    • further updates are in progress after the release of version 2.1 (e.g. integration of AmiSSL 4.11, improved Warp2D library). The 14th alpha build of V54 was released to beta testers on January 4. Release in the course of the year
    • Two installation variants possible:
      • over the existing OS4 installation (similar to current version 2.1)
      • on a separate Enhancer partition, from which can be booted by default (the OS4 installation CD is required once for this purpose). It is unclear which components are used or copied temporarily or permanently.

  • LibreOffice

    • Trevor speaks of "a long and expensive journey which I am hoping is coming to a satisfactory conclusion".
    • record a video of Libre Office in action planned.
    • Soon: widen the beta test programme to accelerate the the first release.

  • From Vultures to Vampires, volume 2

    • at the moment Kickstarter campaign for financing the second volume until 24. Januar 2022
      • Initiated by David John Pleasance, who also focuses on all administration, including contacting printers
      • Trevor Dickinson is not involved in the Kickstarter campaign and is not accepting any funds from the Kickstarter campaign or future book sales. He is 3/4 finished writing volume 2
      • covering the years 2005 to 2021
      • currently about 6.400 Euro are given from required 18.000
      • E-Books available from the end of February
      • with signature if desiredr
      • ubsidizing shipping costs for buyers outside GB

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