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Shoot'em up: Fourht demo version of Jackal
NeesoGames has released the fourth demo version of its game Jackal, created with the Scorpion Engine. The shoot 'em up was also submitted as an entry for AmiGameJam 2021. Changes since third demo version:
  • No loading times between the menu and briefing screen
  • Intro waiting time reduced to 6 seconds
  • Updated credits
  • Big copter animated at mission start
  • New type of vehicle bullets
  • Regular POWs
  • Powerup indicator
  • Soldiers are thrown out of the jeep when it explodes
  • Rescue copter flies away when all POWs are delivered
  • Level 2 preview (playable to the end but no boss fight and some enemies are missing)
  • Many bugfixes and improvements

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