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Pierre-Alexandre (Mail)

Lionheart Remake: Version 1.20 of Java port of Lionheart released
After Byron 3D Games Studio started with the development of 1.2.0 of the Java version of the Amiga game Lionheart in November ( reported), this version has been released today.

Both the settings program and the game itself are localized in German, French, Spanish and English:

When restarting via the *.bat file, the settings program seems to have remembered the last language set, but the output is still in English. Only by switching back and forth does the setting also take effect. Version 1.2.0 contains a new underworld theme, beginner stages and many fixes:

A teaser video is available on the game's homepage.

Update: (30.01.2022, 06:39, dr)

As the developer Pierre-Alexandre informs us, the bug in the settings program has been fixed in the meantime. (dr)

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