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Aracade game: Green Beret released (update)
Green Beret is a conversion of Konami's arcade classic of the same name to the Amiga, written using the Scorpion Engine.

Basically, the game is not meant to be a 1:1 port. The player is much more "agile", as he can stab from ladders, for exampl). It also brings some advantages, such as permanently dropped items and more colors (due to the use of the Amiga Copper chip, which adds additional screen colors). Also, there is newly arranged music by DJ Metune instead of the simple military march (more tracks will be added through ongoing updates).

The game runs on any Amiga with 512KB Chip RAM and 512KB Fast RAM.

Update: (06.02.2022, 07:02, dr)

As the developer reports on its Twitter channel, it has updated the game several times since its release: for example, an initial update that allowed the player to jump higher has been withdrawn. Many players had complained that this higher jump ruined the game, as it defeated the purpose of ladders: you could simply jump to reach another floor. The developer has now adjusted the jump so that the player can still jump from truck to truck or over land mines in the first level, but just not reach a higher floor with it.
In the update released today, a new music track was added, which will be played in stages 2 and 4. (dr)

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